Private Jet Charter
Private Jet
Private Jet Charter

Light Jet

Light jets are the ideal option for smaller groups and shorter distances.  They typically accommodate 6-8 passengers, and they are a very economical and efficient choice for business travel or a weekend get-away.  Light jets also have the agility to land at airports with shorter runways, giving you endless options for your travel destinations.   

Mid-Sized Jet

Midsize jets typically seat 7-8 passengers.  Providing a spacious cabin and ample baggage capacity, they are both comfortable and cost-effective.  Midsize jets can travel longer distances than light jets and can be a non-stop option for many routings.  

Super Mid-Sized Jet

Super Midsize jets are very popular among seasoned travelers.  They are some of the fastest and most efficient private jets in the market.  They typically seat 8-9 passengers and they can fly non-stop coast-to-coast.  The exceptional performance combines with a generous cabin to produce the quintessential travel experience.  

Heavy Jet 

Heavy jets are known for their luxurious interiors and their superior performance.  Heavy jets can seat 10-18 passengers and sometimes include a sleeping quarter.  Flying coast-to-coast in the US or flying around the globe, heavy jets are favored for their comfort, capability, and style.  Heavy jets are a good option for anyone seeking both the apex of productivity and the pinnacle of opulence.  


Turbo-prop aircraft are a good alternative for shorter trips or to accommodate shorter runways.  Turbo-prop aircraft generally seat 6-9 passengers and they travel at a slower speed than jet aircraft.  Being the most cost effective of the private aircraft, turbo-prop aircraft are perfect for quick hops or to access more remote airports.


Airliners are the largest option for flying privately.  They are best suited for moving large groups seating anywhere from 50 to 300 people.  Airliners are popular among sports teams and corporate groups, providing an organized and comfortable method of travel.