Spinnaker Air is actively involved in the aviation community and we are devoted to ensuring the highest level of safety for all of our clients.  As a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), Spinnaker Air stays on the cutting edge of industry advancement and technology.  Spinnaker works with an independent aviation risk management company, ARGUS International, Inc., to analyze the real-time data necessary to make informed decisions and minimize risk.  ARGUS provides world-class aviation software and business management solutions, as well as a Charter Evaluation and Qualification Program.  The ARGUS Charter Operator Rating is the most recognized and requested independent source of overall operator quality.  Through determination and diligence, Spinnaker Air has maintained an impeccable reputation and record in the private travel industry.  

The Luxury and Convenience of Private Jet Charter 

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Featured One-Ways and Empty Legs

5/15/2019     Lear 35                     8 Passengers      Phoenix - Los Angeles 

5/16/2019     Hawker 400XP         8 Passengers      Chicago - Detroit

5/16/2019     Gulfstream IV         12 Passengers      Las Vegas - Scottsdale 

5/19/2019     Citation X                  8 Passengers      Minneapolis - Dallas 

5/20/2019     Hawker 800XP         8 Passengers      Scottsdale - Los Angeles

The Luxury and Convenience of Private Jet Charter.  
Spinnaker Air is a Marketing Agent and does not own or operate aircraft.  Operators providing services maintain full Operational Control.