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Heavy Jets 

Up to 16 Passengers

Up to 12 Hours of Flight

Heavy jets are ideal for large groups of passengers and International travel.  Heavy jets provide a wide array of amenities including in-flight wifi and entertainment, a dedicated flight attendant, and beautiful interiors to ensure a relaxing journey.   


Gulfstream IVSP

The GIVSP is a very popular heavy jet for both Domestic and International travel.  It is able to accommodate a heavy load, making it the perfect option for large groups with considerable baggage.

Passenger Capacity: 12
Baggage Capacity: 160 cu. ft.
Range: 10+ Hours

Falcon 900EX

The Falcon 900EX is able to use shorter runways, making it the quintessential heavy jet for smaller airports.  The large cabin provides ample room to work or relax.  

Passenger Capacity: 16
Baggage Capacity: 130 cu. ft.
Range: 10+ Hours

Gulfstream 550

The G550 is an ultra-long-range aircraft that can fly non-stop from New York to Dubai.  It is the epitome of cutting-edge innovation and design.  The cabin is both luxurious and functional, providing the ultimate travel experience.


Passenger Capacity: 16
Baggage Capacity: 185 cu. ft.
Range: 10+ Hours

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